Promoting Your Business With Instagram

By Michelle Funk

Instagram automation software

Here in 2019, Instagram is by far the most effective way to achieve that and all the big brands are already on board.

Simply put… Instagram has over 1 billion users and they are 52 times more like to engage with your posts than a Facebook user – and 127 more likely than Twitter users.

While there is no capacity to allow links to various resources through the photographs, there is the option however to utilize hashtags in the comments section in an effort to further categorize any company-specific photographs.

Instagram HashTags

These tags are extremely beneficial, as organizations have utilized them in marketing efforts to conduct sweepstakes and promotions involving users of this application. Many of these hashtag marketing efforts have gone viral and seen a tremendous uptick in user engagement and further brand communication.

Since its inception, Instagram has continued to captivate millions of users and even been purchased by social media giant Facebook. In addition to its numerous features, the service also has seen the birth of various spin-off services that allow users to turn their favorite Instagram photos into postcards stickers and even magnets.

The instantaneous effect and the unique set of editing features within this application really sets it apart from the rest. As such we have seen this social network skyrocket in popularity and various brands and corporations jump on this platform as a means of further interacting with their customer base.

Marketing On Instagram

From a marketing standpoint, businesses now have another viable mechanism to promote their products and services while getting instant feedback from customers. Some organizations may see this as a more premature opportunity as they may primarily focus on more traditional avenues such as Facebook and Twitter.

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The beauty of these social media applications in addition to some of the more prevalent Web 2.0 properties is their ability to cross-link with one another. By generating content for Instagram, companies also have a great benefit to their marketing campaigns as they can automatically set their uploads to be distributed to services such as Facebook Twitter and even Flickr and e-mail.

These integrated features are a terrific time saver, as marketers do not necessarily have to visit each one of these sites individually to distribute this picture communication.

For businesses looking to utilize this social media application in their marketing campaigns is important for them to understand the effective use of hashtag keywords and the importance of consistency.

While there are some resources available online today that will allow an organization to automate the posting process, having human interaction between this service and the content will be the best bet for any organization seeking to further interact with its customer base.

Now there’s an Instagram application that will allow you to easily get more local marketing clients and to earn a lot more from the ones you have.

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1) Show your potential clients their competitors on Instagram (and all their followers).
2) Promise them that you can quickly siphon all these followers to their profile – making them the biggest player in their area and niche.
3) Simply queue this up in Engagermate and let the software fulfil your promise while you cash the check.

On the Internet, today customers and users want to interact with the real human being and not necessarily an automated system. Instagram represents another breakthrough in this fast-growing and exciting social media landscape.

The businesses that understand the marketing potential that services like this represent will be the ones who truly benefit from a greater return on investment.

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