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Affiliate Marketing Business: How To Set Realistic Expectations

Affiliate Marketing is one of the  fastest ways to start making money online. Why? Little or no start up cost, you do not need a product, you do not need a website, services like Clickbank, PayDotCom, Commission Junction and others provide all the support and you can earn commission of up to seventy-five percent a sale.

If so, why do so many beginner online marketers fail miserably? One reason is that Internet beginners are often sucked in by hyped up claims of quick profits, only to later discover that there is a lot more work involved.

By the time they realize it won’t be as easy as they were led to believe, frustration sets in and “bam” they quit.

If you’re at that point in your online business, maybe it’s time to start over with a fresh perspective.

You can make it with some old fashioned brainstorming and an Affiliate Game Plan that works.

I’m not talking about another get-rich-quick scheme, but plan that will teach you the skills needed to earn money online.

Beyond all the success stories, every successful online marketer has worked their behinds off to get where they are today.

Dig a little deeper and their stories reveal that it took most of them several years to achieve their online ‘guru’ status. They didn’t get there overnight, despite the claims that are made in their product promotions.

Read  the background stories of  Jonny Andrews, Jeff Johnson, Rob Benwell and even Frank Kern. All these guys started as “newbies.”

I’ve learned that as in any other business,  you have to plan your work and work your plan. Your breakthrough to on-line success is just ahead of you.

The journey of the Internet Marketer is like that of a tradesman.

The Journeyman Carpenter does not start out as a master, but an apprentice.

  • Apprentice Carpenters learn through in-class instruction and hands-on training, working under the guidance of experienced journeymen.
  • Apprentice Carpenters receive compensation while enrolled in training programs, and their rate of pay is usually half that awarded to experienced carpenters, known as journeymen.
  • The average apprenticeship takes 4 years to complete.

Keep in mind, during this four year journey the apprentice learns in two ways: classroom instruction and hands-on experience.

They learn the fundamentals of carpentry, covering areas like safety, tools and equipment, and framing and finishing. Apprentice Carpenters also practice basic techniques to develop the necessary skills for a career in carpentry.

Likewise, no one starts out as a super-affiliate/guru. We all start as “newbies” or if you prefer as “apprentices”.

As Affiliate marketers, our classroom training comes through online tutorials, eBook guides, videos, audios and webinars/seminars and even conferences.

Skills like, web design, list building, copy-writing, video marketing, article writing, ad-swaps, traffic generation are learned by doing.

People who want to step down the learning curve and become ‘journeyman’ affiliate marketers much faster are even willing to pay coaches thousands of dollars to personally teach them. But in the end, it takes effort and quality time to reach success.

More important though than knowledge, is taking ACTION!

Analysis paralysis is the  biggest reason so many affiliate marketers fall short! They get stuck in the planning stage.

Find a system and work that system until it yields results. That is the only real way to learn the On line business and generate money at the same time.

You’ll be a lot more astute about what works and what doesn’t and you will be able to recognize the B.S. a mile away.

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